Minnie Mouse 1st Christmas Satin Bloomers Set

Minnie Mouse 1st Christmas Satin Bloomers Set
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Satin Rainbow Bloomers Only:  Satin Bloomers & Accessory Only:  Top Style:  T-shirt Size:  Puff-Sleeve Size:  Infant Onesie:  Bloomers Size:  Bow Color:  Add Barefoot Sandals:  Shoe Size:  Birthday shirt product# (if you wish to change): Add Shoulder Bows:  Add Leg Warmers:  Top Text: Name: Age: Add Back Print:  Back Message: Date Needed: Special Request:

Product Description

Any size for your little one! (prices

may vary) You can edit the text/wording in every design decal.

•Please Order Shirts/Tops


Set includes

•Your choice of any shirt decal from any personalized birthday tee section.

•Satin Bloomers

•Pretty Top that can be made in a Puff sleeve t-shirt or Onesie.

•Matching hair accessory included

•Feel free to customize to you liking